Here’s how you can spot fake charging apple cables.

1. Why not to use fake cables?

You shouldn’t use fake apple cables because it can damage your iOS device, quickly reduce battery health, and  sometimes even catch fire.

fake apple cables

2. How to check original cables?

First thing you should look at is the lightning connector end. Have a close look at the lightning pins. If it’s a single piece that is smooth and rounded and comes in the colors gold or silver, you have a genuine cable. If on the other end the connector looks like more than one piece, has a rough or inconsistent finish, and has an uneven surface, it’s probably a fake cable.

3. Other thing to look

At is the writing on the cable. A genuine cable will have designed by Apple in California, written on it, together with assembled in China, Vietnam, or Brazil. And also you should see a 12-digit serial number. Fake cables don’t have these writings on them.

how to spot fake apple cables 2

4. Few quick tips to check genuine Apple Lightning cable

  • Verify the Packaging and Labeling of the Cable:
    • Ensure that the cable is enclosed in appropriate packaging and carefully examine the labeling for accurate product information and specifications.
  • Examine the Cable Connector Pins:
    • Thoroughly inspect the connector pins of the cable to confirm they are intact, clean, and free from any damage or deformities. Proper functioning of these pins is crucial for a reliable connection.
  • Assess the Weight and Texture of the Cable:
    • Evaluate the weight and feel the texture of the cable in your hands. Authentic cables often have a certain weight and texture characteristic to their build quality, and any deviations may indicate potential issues.
  • Validate the Length of the Cable:
    • Measure the length of the cable to ensure it matches the specifications provided by the manufacturer. Discrepancies in length can affect the cable’s usability and may suggest a counterfeit or defective product.

5. Tips for Avoiding Fake APPLE Cables When Shopping Online

  1. Buy from Authorized Retailers
  2. Check Seller’s Reputation and reviews
  3. Compare Prices
  4. Check MFi Logo