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FAQ Buy and Sell used iPhones, MacBook, iPad & more:

Can I Sell a Locked iPhone? Can I Sell a Blacklisted iPhone?

Unlock the potential of selling your locked or blacklisted iPhones on SMAD! Our extensive network of buyers includes specialists in acquiring locked devices, whether Passcode, iCloud locked, locked, financed, blacklisted, or with a bad IMEI. You can confidently sell your iPhone at SMAD. To sell your locked or blacklisted iPhone on SMAD, choose your device above or use the search box. Once on the page displaying the best deals for your device, under 'Condition,' select the 'Locked / Blacklisted' option to tailor the results to your specific needs.

Sell Broken iPhone? Can I Sell a Broken iPhone?

Absolutely, without a doubt, YES! At SMAD, you can turn your old iPhone into cash, regardless of its condition. Our buyers are interested in iPhones and electronic devices in any state, so you can confidently sell a broken iPhone here. Whether your iPhone is cracked, smashed, water damaged, won't turn on, or is completely dead, there's always a buyer ready to make an offer. While a damaged iPhone may not fetch its full value, you can still receive up to 70% of its worth, depending on the extent of the damage. Even for broken iPhones, you stand to make significant money. The reason behind this is that buyers on SMAD often repair and refurbish these devices before reselling them. This unique approach allows them to buy non-working devices, providing you with an opportunity to sell items that might be challenging to sell elsewhere.

Selling iPhones in Bulk?

If your business is considering selling cell phones in large quantities, explore our SMAD for Business service. Designed for transactions involving 10 or more iPhones or other mobile devices, this service provides the expertise of a dedicated SMAD Dealer manager. They will meticulously compare prices among top corporate iPhone phone recycling companies, ensuring you receive maximum value for your surplus devices. Rest assured, all corporate iPhone buyers guarantee complete data wiping, prioritizing the safety and security of your business data.

Where is the Best Place to Sell My iPhone Near Me?

While there are numerous options to sell your old iPhone in many locations across Sri Lanka, such as local phone stores, the convenience of in-store transactions may not always yield the best deal. Selling your old iPhone online generally offers the potential for higher returns, providing you with the opportunity to maximize the value of your device

Can I sell other Apple products on SMAD?

Absolutely Yes! At SMAD, we offer guaranteed cash for a variety of Apple products beyond just iPhones. Explore the opportunity to sell other Apple devices, including iPads, Apple Watches, MacBooks, and more.

Why sell your phone to SellMyAppleDevice.com?

Ready to sell your Apple devices? Look no further! Discover the many benefits of choosing sellmyappledevice.com for selling your iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, MacBooks, and more. Our prices are guaranteed and updated daily for the best deals. Enjoy a transparent process with no hidden fees, and sending your device to us is absolutely FREE!